The Power of Content

It is important to understand what is meant by website content. It is very simple – content is the collective term for copy and images that appear on a site. But, what we really mean when we discuss content is the copy – the written words. More and more search engines are rewarding sites for good, original, READABLE copy.

Content plays two main roles in the online environment:

  1. Provide information about your business, services and or products.
  2. Improve search engine rankings.


For either of the above it is imperative that the copy is well written, factual and original! The content on your website should be your own! Duplicate copy and copy that is gibberish peppered with keywords doesn’t cut it! Both search engines and visitors to your site will move away and NOT COME BACK.


The next step is to optimise your copy for the search engines.
It is important when creating copy to carry out thorough keyword research – that is to look into what words and phrases people most commonly use when searching in your industry. Often companies provide nonsense copy that is simply keywords – neither your reader nor the search engines like this kind of content!


It is important to realise that people read differently on the ‘net – no one wants to sit down at a computer and read reams and reams of content. Less is more, but the more copy you have the more keywords you can include and therefore the better your search rankings. There is a fine balance.


Make sure your copy talks to your audience. Don’t stray off topic! Not only will you lose your reader, you will also lose rankings with the search engines. It is very important to keep your content relevant, not only for your reader, but so the search engines can pick up a common thread and follow this. If you are a caterer, don’t start talking about construction.


Stay focused, create concise, well written, keyword rich content, and remember to strike the balance between your consumer and search engine optimisation.


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2 Responses to The Power of Content

  1. Sri says:

    Super-Duper website! I am lonivg it!! Will come back again again taking you feeds also, Thanks.Hello. Wonderful position. I didn’t expect this on the Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Wow Sri,

      Thank you so much for the support and let’s hope we will continue to share more together as we grow our blog.

      Growth is a step by step process that requires the support of friends and society….I feel this is what feedback like yours do for us.

      thank you and stay tuned.

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