Rebranding to inject new life into your brand

Often, company executives get caught up in their own brands, failing to recognize when the brand is becoming stagnant and stale in the eyes of its target market. A brand can quickly begin to look like a weathered piece of clothing or an old car from another era, when its brand essence falls out of step with the expectations of its customers. This effect is more pronounced to potential consumers who never had exposure to the brand in it’s heyday.


Such a point in a brand’s life-cycle brings rise to the need for brand rejuvenation, re-branding or refreshing. This is essentially a strategic undertaking that requires research, planning and project management to achieve the best results.


Mess up this process, and you could fall into brand abyss, loosing all brand equity built over time.


Consumers today want to see brands refresh and reinvent themselves to remain interesting and relevant. The attention span of the modern consumer has become shorter and shorter, hence, new ideas and renewal have become a common expectation in the market place, if one is to retain attention, recall and share of mind


By Rutendo Matinyarare


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4 Responses to Rebranding to inject new life into your brand

  1. Lai says:

    / April 21, 2010, 7:55 PMLeveraging stickers to boost your brand = clopmete awesomeness. At Lightning Labels (a custom label and sticker printer), I continually preach this message myself. This is one of the best examples of it I have seen so far. Thanks for sharing this with us. Great post!

    • admin says:


      It’s such a pleasure. I’m reading a book called brandwashed….google it. It’s an amazing testament to how powerful brands are and why we should be making the affort to develop brands in our person, in our deeds, our out-put and our jobs. We need to instil individuality and personality in all that we do so that it’s value addition can have an identity that is linked to us.

      Keep tuned in and we will continue to share ideas around how we need to give value propositions to the world on a continual basis.

  2. Olisa says:

    / May 18, 2010, 2:02 PMThis is a great idea for Chiquita, what a simple, ineinepsxve way to differentiate their brand. I also have seen Chiquita bananas with Donky Kong Wii stickers, another creative way to cross promote.

    • admin says:

      True that, and on that point, it’s interesting that you talk about games and brands because in the States companies are beginning to realise that experience and active engegement are the most effective ways to enhance brand engagement to increase recall and recognition. SO companies are beginning to make online, computer games in which their brands are engrained and kids can play interacting with these brands, thus inprinting these brands on the minds of young people and they grow up perferrin these brands that they encountered in these games.

      so ultimately branding and rebranding is becoming more of business as usual….a constant part of doing business rather that a once in a while campaign.

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