10 tips to increase traffic to your website

1.Give them what they are looking for!
Make sure you provide relevant, original content that is easy to read and full of information. Your content should be dynamic and regularly updated.


2.Enrich your copy with keywords
Content that is keyword rich is picked up by search engines. Therefore keyword rich content will rank highly and be displayed in the search results, making visitors more likely to click through and increasing the traffic to your site.


3.Easy on the eye
Your website should be slick, professional and should look great! At the end of the day, when there are so many sites out there competing for your audience’s attention, yours needs to stand out visually. Steer clear of garish colours and too many bells and whistles. Keep it clean and simple, well designed and easy to use.


4.Navigate your way home
There is nothing more frustrating than getting lost in a tangle of winding weaving roads. Transfer this frustration to a moving your way around a website, and it feels just the same. Make sure your site is easy to move around. Display your information in a logical sequence. Your site must be effortless to navigate – no hidden one way streets, no dark alley ways to find your way out of. Provide your user with clearly marked map to move around your site.


5.Get listed
Submit your site to the search engines. Most web traffic comes from search results submitted to search engines. When people search using keywords your site comes up and hey presto! New visitors, which means increased web traffic.


6.Linking up
The more links that point to your site the more traffic you will drive towards it, and the more search engines will pick up your site.


7.Social media
Today’s world is driven by social media – if it’s not Facebook it is Twitter or blogging. These can be very useful tools to drive traffic to your site, and are often integral elements of an online marketing strategy. Create a social media presence and use it. Post updates regularly to let your followers know what you are doing. By making use of social media you can actively drive traffic to your site.


There are a number of online directories out there. Find the one that deals with your specific business and get listed. The more you are out there the more likely you are to be found.


9.Extra! Extra! Read all about it
Create an e-newsletter. You can send this out to your existing client base, and often they will send it on to their contacts. This increases your reach. Regular newsletter campaigns encourage a loyal following and are also conversational.


10.Pay attention to your visitors!
Your Google analytics and stats will keep you up to date and will let you know what visitors to your site are doing – what keywords they are using, which information they are gathering and what pages they are visiting. From this you can update and improve your site, therefore driving more traffic to your website.


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    That’s cleared my tohuhgts. Thanks for contributing.

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